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Microsoft Office 2016 was released almost simultaneously with Windows 10. It includes several major improvements and changes that made the whole suite more intuitive and easier to use. Microsoft aimed to improve collaboration and productivity with Office 2016, and we can notice it easily thanks to certain features that shine more than others.

These features range from improvements to old features to a smoother, easier-to-follow user interface. Here we describe five reasons why you should install Microsoft Office 2016.

1.  Find what you need with “Tell Me.”

Clippy has been removed from the Microsoft Office 2016 suite. However, it is still present in spirit, as “Tell Me” complies with a similar function.

“Tell Me” allows you to find anything you need quickly by typing it. You can access it via the light bulb you can find in the middle of the ribbon. If you’re not sure of where a certain option or feature is, you can use “Tell Me” to find it within a few seconds.

2.  Collaboration in real-time and comments

Microsoft finally heard the community after many years. The company has decided to implement collaboration in real-time. Now you can access the same document from multiple locations and devices.

The same principle applies to the comments available in Word and PowerPoint. You will be able to see what other people are saying without reloading the file, mimicking a forum.

3.  Several improvements in Outlook

Outlook has truly shined in the new Office 2016. The app has been equipped with a powerful AI that learns more about you every day. Thus, you will see how the app slowly starts mimicking your behavior and categorizes certain emails as you would.

4.  Sway is now present in the Office suite

Sway was one of the alternatives to PowerPoint. This tool allows the user to create interactive presentations as Prezi does but more intuitively. It is more appropriate for casual users. Due to that, Microsoft has decided to include Sway into the suite, as the company believes that you don’t need to be a master of PowerPoint to tell a story – Sway can be enough.

This new member of the Office family is available for computer and mobile devices. It looks like other Office apps, but with easy-to-find instructions and a better way of organizing the information.

5.  Unified UI: Minimalism and Color

Office 2013 included a minimalistic approach to each app present in the suite. However, this time, Microsoft has taken it to the next level and has included more color into the mix.

Now each app has its own color assigned, making them look similar but accustomed to the functions of each app. Although the default settings are quite good-looking, you can also opt for changing the theme and choose one that suits you better.

Furthermore, the “File” menu present in all apps is now easier to use. Microsoft has eliminated all the options that may make the usage of its apps more complicated for the average user. Now we can enjoy a minimalistic, colorful and intuitive UI in all of the applications included in the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.

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Often we come across situations where we feel the need to monitor what sort of activities an individual is involved in with their phones.

It could be a spouse or a significant other in your life who you feel is being unfaithful. It could also be your child, for whose safety and well-being you are quite concerned. It could be an employee under you in the workplace whose engagements and activities you need to monitor. Short of stalking the person, there is not much you can do about it.

However, if you use a spy app, you can covertly monitor their activities and find the truth. Simply put, these spy apps allow users to spy on text messages like a pro. These apps allow you to scan someone’s text messages and phone call records remotely. You do not need to open or even have the targeted phone with you to go through the phone’s content.

How do the spy apps work?

While there are different kinds of apps available in the market, which offer different features and are built differently, there serve more or less the same main purpose of spying on someone’s messages and calls.

The spy app is generally easy to install and use and provides varied functions without revealing it to the phone user. It secretly runs in the background, and the phone user does not get any inkling of their phone activities being monitored.

To use the app, you need to install and download the software on your phone and connect to the device through a code or key to have the data from that phone relayed to your account or device, which allows you to control the targeted phone remotely.

What features does a spy app offer?

In terms of features, the apps differ to some extent. A few provide the basic data, while others offer advanced features. Typically, these apps are designed to provide information related to call logs, exchanged messages and email and pictures, audios or videos.

Some of the exclusive features of the apps include tracking a person’s location by tracing the phone through GPS, checking and reading the text messages, and those sent on messenger services of other platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also view the call history, while some allow you to listen to live calls. Some apps have advanced built-in features to access the camera and microphone of the targeted phone to spy on the person in real-time.

How can a spy app be helpful?

Suppose you are in a relationship where you suspect your partner is involved in an affair. While, at times, it makes sense to confront the person outrightly. However, if you feel confrontation would not result in the desired outcome, but it is imperative to find out the truth, you can use a spy app to defuse your suspicions.

Similarly, if you work in a capacity where you need to monitor what your employees are up to in the workplace to manage productivity or ensure that the company’s sensitive data stays intact, the spy app software can be helpful in this instance.

Since the spy app can also access other digital platforms or social media sites, you can easily keep a tab on your child’s social media engagements to ensure their safety and well-being.


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What are private Instagram viewers used for? This is a question that many people ask, but before we answer it, let’s go into a small history lesson. In this case, the word “private” means something different from what you would use to describe the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom. In this context, private means that the account is not open to the public and can only be seen by people who the owner has approved.


This was not always the case. When Instagram first started, you could make your account private, but anyone could still see it if they had the link. In 2012, however, Instagram changed its privacy policy where accounts had to be approved by the owner. This was done for several reasons, but one main reason is that Instagram wanted people to share their content with others. By making all profiles public, you are more likely to get followers and views on your content which will later increase likes, comments and shares.


Some people need privacy from unwanted people like stalkers, so their profiles are private. An Instagram private account viewer is used by people who want to look at the private Instagram profiles of others. This may be because you are friends with someone who is friends with the owner of the account, or maybe you admire what they post.


These viewers work very similarly to other services that allow you to view public posts without having an account yourself. You enter in a username, and then you get a link that you can use to look at all of their pictures. Now, if someone has made their account private, you will not see anything but the last picture they posted. This is because Instagram does not allow anyone else to view the posts unless approved by the owner.


Now that we’ve answered what private Instagram viewers are used for, let’s talk about a few specific reasons why you might want to use one. The first reason is reputation management. If you have a public Instagram account, anyone can see it and potentially post something negative about you. This could damage your reputation, but if you have a private account, these comments can’t be seen.


The second reason is image recognition. If you want to find out what people are saying about your business online, you might consider private Instagram viewers like www.watchinsta.com. These websites allow you to look for hashtags or usernames that you can then find out anything negative people may be saying about your business. The information will not be fully complete, but it can give you a good idea of what people are saying and how to respond.

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Many novice website owners often find themselves asking what is DMARC and why is it so important to set up. A DMARC record informs all the major ISPs like Gmail and Microsoft that the organization’s domain is configured to deploy DMARC. When the organization enters its DMARC records into the DNS (Domain Name System) record, it can find out who is sending emails from what appears to be its domain.

If you want to know what exactly a DMARC record is and why it is important, continue reading to find out.


DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is an email authenticating mechanism that prevents an organization’s domain from hackers who may try to use the domain for spoofing, phishing scams, and other fraudulent activities like a data breach, invoice fraud etc. DMARC thus safeguards the organization’s brand domain and stops hackers from impersonating it to send phishing emails to the staff and clients of the organization.

DMARC Record

A DMARC record is a requirement for applying DMARC on emails. It is published in DNS with a subdomain label by a DMARC record generator. Without configuring the DMARC record, the domain will be vulnerable, and hackers will find it easy to attack and misuse it for their malicious activities.

DMARC record for a domain when published in the DNS records informs the world that the domain is configured to use DMARC. A DMARC policy then provides a set of guidelines that are intended to prevent safeguard email delivery and prevent the hackers from using the domain for spoofing and sending emails.

An email authenticating service can assist the organization in entering its list or DMARC record in the DNS, and then a DMARC analyzing component of the service allows the organization to monitor DMARC through a dashboard.

Purpose of DMARC Record

DMARC Record thus serves two main purposes.

  • Firstly it informs the recipient service what to do with the message. The email is subjected to some actions based on the organization’s policy, given its risk tolerance. The email is either sent to the end user’s inbox without any action. Alternatively, it is subjected to quarantine and sent to a spam folder where it is evaluated manually for its content nature. Thirdly, it is rejected right away if it fails the DMARC email authentication test. If the particular domain has a published DMARC Record in its DNS, the recipient’s email server will act according to the policy.
  • The second purpose of the DMARC record is to send a report to the email address with information about the messages sent from the domain.

In case a domain has not published its DMARC Record, the recipient’s email service provider will decide on its own about the message delivery. However, it is better to have a DMARC record published so that the organization’s domain is safe from hackers and email services have clear instructions about email delivery in case the messages do not pass the DMARC test.


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A business’ website is a critical part of its online presence. Even if you maintain a strong social media handle, it will eventually lead the customer to your website if they are interested in your products or services. Therefore, if you want to create engagement and prompt the customer for lead generation and successful conversion, you must have a proficient website that can help draw successful transactions.

So, what makes a website professional and effective enough that it makes your business stand out from the rest of the competition?

A professional website must have contemporary features; it must be high-performing, easy-to-use, and navigate. If the website ticks all the right boxes, it will provide a good first impression for individuals who visit your website and may also improve your brand recognition.

Furthermore, if you incorporate dịch vụ viết bài chuẩn seo in your website, you improve the visibility of your website in search engines. As a result, you can improve your sales and profits and be at the lead among the competitors.

Let’s look at how a professional web design agency can benefit you

Whether a small-scale business or a large corporation, a professional web design agency can effectively cater to your website design and development needs. It not only designs the aesthetics of your business website, but it can also design and construct the website interface to facilitate smooth navigation and website performance.

Here is how a professional web design agency usually functions

  • Design the visuals and graphics for the layout of the website
  • Construct and develop the programming of the site for smooth functioning
  • Manage the content of the website for optimization and hosting of the website to ensure seamless navigation and performance

Design and development

Ideally, a web design company determines the client’s requirements before drafting the website layout. It then proceeds with the design components, including graphics, color schemes, layouts, and fonts. The development function would ideally include making the database for the site, removing bugs, and hosting the website. It will help ensure that the pages load quickly as a slow-loading site can be frustrating for the visitor. The development and design process is accompanied by registering the website’s domain and then designing optimized content for enhanced site visibility.

After-sales maintenance support

A web design agency can help new businesses launch their new websites, but it can also help old businesses redesign their website for improved functioning. In addition to getting a website up and running, it also helps by providing after-sales service and customer support to ensure that the website continues to function smoothly.

If you want your website to excel and stand out among the rest, hiring a professional web design agency is the way to go.

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Finding a web developer in Brisbane doesn’t need to be a daunting task. In ROUNDHOUSE, we are dedicated to helping you develop an appropriate website for your business and your potential clientele.

The first impression a potential client will have of your brand comes from the appearance of your website. They will have an image of you from the moment the webpage is before their eyes, and therefore, it is essential for you to come up with a website that not only looks good but that it’s also efficient and easy to follow for the average person.

Creating a website that looks aesthetically pleasing and is efficient simultaneously can be a hard task, especially if you are not familiar with web development. If you’re starting a new business or want to renovate the website you already have, it would be best if you leave that task to a professional.

What we do

We turn your ideas into a reality.

As web developers, we are dedicated to creating websites that match the views of our clients. Like artists, we can produce something functional out of an abstract idea. We will be in charge of your website’s efficacy and appearance. After all, functionality and design are key elements in any website.

We solve problems

Each client that approaches us comes with a different challenge in mind. These situations help us expand our horizons and acquire more knowledge for the future. Every problem has a solution, and as websites are not perfect all of the time, you can be sure that we will help you find the source of the problem and sort it as soon as possible.

Every project is unique, and we enjoy expanding our skill site as we deliver high-quality work to our clients. We believe that problems are nothing more but challenges that we must accept and overcome.

Web design vs. Web development

It is quite common for people to think that web design and web development are the same things. Although there are huge similarities between both areas, there are also clear differences.

  • Web design is all about the aesthetics of a website. Here factors like the color scheme and logotype play a key role. However, it also takes into account several other aspects, such as easy navigation and user experience. Thus, a web designer must have marketing and graphic design experience.
  • Web development focuses on a website’s functions, such as database management and registry. The duties of a web development Brisbane agency include ensuring that a website is functioning correctly by running tests and solving problems continuously.

In ROUNDHOUSE, we are dedicated to both areas. We can advise you to find the best approach to your website based on the image you want to portray. At the same time, we will make sure that each idea is carried out thoroughly for the website’s correct functioning.

Next time you need a web developer in Brisbane, do not hesitate to contact us. If you’d like to create something new or solve an already existent problem, you can be sure that we can help you!

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IQ Tests are usually given to students at their elementary middle schools or high schools. Traditional tests given are the Stanford-Binet tests. Adults who want to know their IQ can usually take the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

There are now websites where people can take an online IQ test.

IQ tests test a person’s logic and memory capabilities among other things. There are not a lot of questions on the tests. The tests are short and can be taken in a matter of minutes. A score of performance on the test is readily available shortly after the test is taken. There is not the availability to dwell on any one answer for very long. There are many things that influence the outcomes on an IQ test. IQ tests are not an exact science. The questions on IQ tests do not take into account a person’s background nor any influences their backgrounds might have on giving answers on the test.

What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It determines a person’s level of intelligence by how well a person scores on the IQ test. The higher the score the higher a person’s intelligence quotient. Typically any score on an IQ test that is above 140 classifies the person as a genius. Most people score between 89 and 115. A score of over 130 determines that a person is very intelligent. The typical score on an IQ test is 100. Scores below typical IQ are scores between 80 and 89. Scores between 110 and 119 are scores over typical intelligence so they are a good scores.

Oftentimes adults take IQ tests to know their intelligence score and how it measures with their friends and peers. Intelligence Quotient Tests websites are prevalent with the advent of the internet. Since IQ tests became available on the internet they have provided a place to take the test at a person’s convenience.

There is no specific time that the tests can be taken so people can fit taking these tests into their schedules. A person on these websites can take the tests anonymously so there is no need to complete any requirements nor register any personal information. A score on an IQ test can be improved. There is no set number of times that a person can take the test.

Since there is a limit to how long a person can take to answer the questions on a test a person can take IQ tests a number of times to improve their score as practice will increase proficiency. IQ tests are very popular because people like to consider themselves as intelligent and having a high IQ score is like a self esteem boost. It reinforces the idea to the person that they are intelligent or above intellent or are actually brilliant.


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