Do you use your computer every day? Are you finding that the mouse you use is causing your fingers to cramp, your hands to hurt and carpal tunnel syndrome to definitely become something you are concerned about?

If so, throwing away your current computer mouse and replacing it with an ergonomic mouse may just help you out. Why should you buy the best ergonomic mouse instead of the one you are currently using? Here are just a few of the many important reasons why.

The wrong mouse can cause serious injury — The typical computer user clicks their mouse and manipulates the cursor on their computer screen several thousand times a day.

Every time you do that with a non-ergonomic mouse, you risk causing injury to your fingers and to your hands. This is because the wrong mouse causes your hand and your forearm to be in an unnatural position. It twists your hand, your wrist and your fingers to such an extent you could end up injuring any or all of them.

An ergonomic mouse, on the other hand, positions your hand in a more natural position. This in turn causes potential injury to lessen, and your hands to feel more comfortable and pain free as you work.

A natural grip — The way we have to grip a non-ergonomic mouse is completely unnatural. It causes the hand and the wrist to be slightly contorted, placing strain on both.

An ergonomic mouse, on the other hand, allows for a more natural grip. This usually means your grip will also be lighter, which in turn will cause you to have less strain or pain.

Better support — Due to the way a typical ergonomic mouse is designed, it will also give your wrist and hand better support.

A non-ergonomic mouse tends to cause you to have to raise your wrist and your hand off the surface it is running on placing strain on them. Over time, this can cause stress injuries in your wrist and hand, as well as aches and pains you really will not want to live with.

A more natural wrist position — If you have ever used a badly designed, non-ergonomic mouse you will know how quickly your wrist can start to ache.

This is due to you having to hold it at an unnatural angle. Buy an ergonomic mouse, however, and you will quickly find your wrist is able to be in a position that is a much more natural one.

You will use less energy — One main problem with a badly designed mouse is that it will often not run smoothly on the surface you use it on.

This causes you to have to use more energy to manipulate it, as well as causes your hands and fingers to feel strain.

An ergonomic mouse is easier to manipulate and glides far more smoothly across the surface you use it on. This makes it feel light, easy to use and means you will use far less effort every time you use it.