For the last decade, smartphone technology has experienced radical evolution, with the market competition growing fiercer each day. Following the onset of a new decade in 2020, more innovative devices with advanced features and functionalities are expected to come out. From foldable devices and AI technologies to more sophisticated software and mobile enhancements, there are plenty of mobile trends to expect in 2020. Here is a highlight of the latest trends to watch in mobile phones in 2020.

5G Smartphones

Broadband mobile technologies have had a series of progressive upgrades, and the 5G technology is about to take the industry to another level. As the 5G infrastructure and network continue to gain stability, smartphone users can now get ready to enjoy the benefits of the 5G era (consider to sell old mobile if your old phone is not compatible with 5G). This era not only introduces highly reliable mobile connections and high speed, but it also brings everything that depends on a cellular network, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of the brands that have rolled out 5G technology include Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, OPPO, and Motorola Edge Plus.

Foldable Devices

Smartphone users are always looking for mobile devices with bigger and more advanced screens, and foldable phones have come to offer a solution to this demand. While 2019 was anticipated to be the ‘year of foldable smartphones,’ only a few manufacturers were able to roll out foldable devices. With 2020, however, foldable phones are already creating a buzz in the cell phone industry. App developers have already made significant steps in ensuring that various applications are compatible with the new foldable phones. Some of the features incorporated to enhance this compatibility include multi-display, multi-resume, and screen continuity support. Examples of foldable phones to watch in 2020 include Samsung Galaxy Fold, Microsoft Surface Duo, Huawei Mate X, and Xiaomi.

Higher Megapixel and Multiple Camera Phones

For most people, the camera is the most distinguishable feature when deciding on the type of phone to purchase. Over the years, manufactures have rolled out phones with dual and triple cameras. However, in 2020, phones with quad and even more cameras are trending in the market. On the other hand, phones with the camera’s megapixels of as high as 108MP have been rolled out by various manufacturers. Xiaomi CC9 Pro is an example of a few phones with a five rear camera and a 108 MP camera. While a camera’s megapixel does not necessarily reflect its quality, this is a feature that most buyers will consider to decide on their phone of choice.

Wireless Charging Phones

The popularity of wireless charging phones is slowly gaining momentum, with most of the major smartphone makers incorporating this feature in their latest releases. For users looking for more convenient and faster charging of their phones, wireless charging technology is a promising answer. Samsung Galaxy Note9, OPPO, iPhone X, and Google Pixel are examples of wireless charging phone brands.