Instant messages has practically become a way of life. It’s fast and requires little to no effort. It allows individuals to communicate with others about similar interests and enables them to exchange ideas.

Exchanging ideas and opinions is a universal indulgence. No matter is you a professional or a student sharing your thoughts with others has proven to be an appreciated past time. Expressing your point of view to others can be both stimulating and motivating.

What is a LAN messenger?

LAN messenger is a client of instant messaging. It was created to be used inside of a solitary local area. This type of communication can only be retrieved by people with that security platform or firewall. To use the LAN messenger an internet connection is not needful. Internet connections can be difficult to obtain if you live in certain areas in the US. Due to particular towns being located in deeply rural areas, internet is hard to come by. Certain towns in such places like Michigan, California, West Virginia etc. are known not to have internet access. Are there other options for residents who live in these areas? Yes, the choice of a fixed wireless does exist. Also, the residents have the recourse of a satellite dish. However, it many cases these alternatives are not as dependable and for some, just too expensive. Also, many countries around the world have not managed to build the proper infrastructure which will enable them to be able to obtain the use of internet. But then, once you have access to the internet, you must be perceptive to the fact, that outages can come about.

Reasons for Internet Outages

Here are a few reasons why an internet outage can take place:

  • Bad Weather
  • Cyberattacks
  • Censorship
  • Disruptions of Communication Cables

Some of the advantages of the LAN messenger is that it gives you that extra level of privacy. In the world we live in today, privacy is important. The LAN messenger is safeguarded by AES encryption, along with RSA as a participating instrument. This allows you to feel more comfortable when expressing your ideas and opinions. AES is a security system that has been embraced by the government of the US. It was created by a couple of Belgian cryptographers. The cryptographers names are Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen. A few other advantages of the LAN messenger is the multi-language user interface, the cross-platform support and the no-server option architecture.

The LAN messenger gives you the option of choosing what language you would like to communicate with. This preference has managed to allow many different types of people from around the globe to effectively communicate. With this benefit, the ability to exchange opinions and ideas is taken to an entire new level. When it comes to cross- platform support, the LAN messenger application is supported by various platforms. The interface of LAN messenger has been assimilated with the domain of Linux, Mac and Windows. And also, when using the LAN messenger, users will notice with enthusiasm that a server is simply not required.