Learning How to Place Your Feet

When you are starting out riding a hoverboard for the first time it is important to learn how to place your feet before your first ride. To avoid becoming off-balanced, make sure that you always place your best foot first on the board. After placing down your first foot, wait for the green light to turn on. When the green light flashes it means you are ready to place your other foot on the board. When placing your feet, be sure that your feet are more towards the wheels and not the center of the board. Placing them to close to the center can result in you falling.


Your First Turn

Once you have mastered where to place your feet, it is now time to learn how to make your first turn. Although you may think it is difficult to turn, it is probably one of the more easier tasks. In order to turn left on your board, you will have to push your right toes forward and keep your left one still. To turn right you will need to do the exact opposite with your feet than when you made a left turn. A tip to making a successful turn is to keep your body completely relaxed.

Time to Spin!

Spinning is difficult for anyone riding for the first time, but it is not impossible. In order to spin you will need to push the toes and heals of your feet completely opposite from each other. So to make a left spin, you will need to push your right toe and your left ankle in order to start spinning. Make sure that your body is completely balanced and you remain confident when starting your spin. As this trick can be dangerous, it is always critical to wear safety gear when practicing as falls are quite common to anyone trying spinning for the first time. Some gear to think about for safety purposes are helmets, knee pads, wrist guards and even spine protectors for anyone worried about their back.