When it comes to choosing a bread machine, the plethora of choices on the market today can be daunting, especially with so many contradicting bread machine reviews. Consumers want assurance that the price paid will match the quality and function of the machine. Taking into account performance, price, size and quality of construction, we break it down and present the top bread machines based on input from industry testers and bread-making professionals. Compiled below is our list, beginning with the most affordable models, and progressing upward to the more costly ones favored by experts.


Number 5: Oster


Price range: $60


This very affordable model is listed as the top seller on Amazon. It has a 13-hour delay baking timer, a nonstick pan, 3 crust settings, 12 bread and dough settings; including gluten-free, a quick bake cycle, and a jam setting. The machine will make 1-1/2 and 2 lb loaves, and is quite versatile for the price.


Light-weight construction, it only weighs 8 lbs. The loaf pan is not sturdy, and has a low quality nonstick surface. This model produces dense breads, which is not to everyone’s liking.


Number 4: Sunbeam

Model: B00067REBU

Price: $50


This machine is a bit larger and heavier and is equipped with the same features as mentioned on the Oster model, but it is less expensive and slightly better constructed.


The nonstick surface of the pan is also of lower quality.


Number 3: Cuisinart

Model: CBK-200

Price: $140 – $150

Pros: This machine is rated the best value for the price. It is a combination bread/dough machine and convection oven. With 16 settings, this machine is equipped for all standard bread types, including artisan breads, low carb and gluten-free, with 3 crust colors and 3 loaf sizes up to 2 lbs. The machine weighs over 18 lbs, and is well-constructed with a stainless steel exterior. The loaf pan is fabricated of better quality material and has a better nonstick coating.


The machine is not quiet in comparison to other models.


Number 2: Zojirushi

Model: BB-PAC20

Price: $280 – $325


This is a sturdy, well-constructed machine weighing 22 lbs. This model includes 2 kneading paddles; adjustable kneading, rising and baking times; 10 programmed settings, and produces a traditional-shaped 2 lb loaf. It is a high quality machine that allows flexibility in function that others do not.


Not easy to move and less affordable.


Number 1: Panasonic

Model: SD-BMT1000

Price: $335-$360


This machine has 34 factory programmed settings, including the standard crust colors and can produce much more than the usual white, wheat and sweet breads. Marble breads, rice, rye, sourdough, are just some of the many possibilities. The machine is also programmed to make compotes and jams.


This machine is imported and the manual is written in Japanese however, the English version is available for download on their website.

Loaf size is only about 1 lb.

There you have it; the top 5 bread machines. Perhaps this helps to simplify the decision making process, or at least offers guidance in comparing features, quality and price of a new bread machine.