Many website owners say it takes them too long to write content for their sites. This is especially true as competition grows for online traffic and as website owners are having to pump out many pieces of content per day in order to compete.

That is why, when article generators began to become popular, website owners were thrilled.

After all, these generators allow a site owner to get as many pieces as he likes for his site in no time at all with the help of an advanced article generator api.

How does an online article generator work? — These generators are very easy to use as you just have to key in the information describing the article you need.

This includes the number of words, the keywords that describe the topic and whether you need an in-depth, well-researched piece or something just general.

Once you hit the article generation button, the site will deliver an article around those specifications in just a couple of minutes.

Why is an article generator so useful? — Site owners love them as they can request numerous articles per day.

These articles take minutes to create, and can then be copied and published on a website in just a few minutes more. This allows a webmaster to add many new pieces to his site every day, without having to spend the many hours needed to write them himself.

As he can also request articles on subjects he is not familiar with, this means he can open up his website to even more interesting topics.

Site owners also enjoy using article generators as they can find photographs and graphics to go along with each article. They are even able to give you the sources they used to write the article, so you can publish them on your site.

The use of sources makes you look even more authentic to search engines like Google, so this is another good reason why webmasters are now using article generators.


How much does it cost to use an article generator? — Every site that offers them charges a different amount.

Some only charge per article, while others also offer sets of articles and lower the price per piece depending on the number you buy. If you plan on using a generator often, these sets can be a cost-effective way to get the number of articles you need.

Even if you buy each article by itself, however, they are still much cheaper than paying a typical content creator to write them.

In many cases, you can even buy an article of 500 words or more for less than $5. When you consider a content writer would charge you $75 or more, this quite quickly becomes an affordable way to add new content to your site.

Also make sure you don’t make these mistakes when you are promoting your new content: