Laptops are a big investment, thus its best to give them the best of care to increase their longevity. On average a laptop will last from 3-5 years, depending on various factors. Some of those factors are how well the laptop is maintained from the day it is bought. When purchasing a new laptop always look to the future, yes that budget model will perform everything that it needs to. The big question to is will it perform the same two years down the road after system updates, and software changes that get more demanding year over year?



The biggest cause of premature death among computers, laptops included, is heat. Overheating, improper ventilation, restricted airflow, and dirt, to just name a few. There are ways to avoid letting a laptop get hot enough that it will affect the lifespan of your machine.

Clean the vents often, without the designated airflow to help cool the components, the laptop’s lifespan will dramatically decrease. Use a can of compressed air to blow out the vents once a month. It helps to remove the dust and debris.

Also, cooling pads are a great plus, they sit underneath the laptop and increase airflow by blowing air on the bottom of your laptop, which helps the intake of cool air. They also work great in being able to adjust the position of your laptop.

Do not place, your laptop, on soft and flexible surfaces. A blanket or even clothing can prevent the machine from cooling properly. Items will block the intake vents, making the machine unable to cool itself. This is a major cause in the process of making the laptop have a shorter lifespan.


Spills and Drops

Accidental drops and spills are another laptop killer. Transporting a laptop back and forth comes with its own risks. Those risks can be significantly reduced by having a heavily padded backpack or another case. Don’t skimp on quality here because a well-padded backpack can help absorb some of those hard to avoid shocks. Those shocks are inflicted either by dropping it, or it falling of its own accord.


Keyboard Pounding

Another method for increasing the life expectancy of a laptop has to do with the keyboard. First avoid drinks, food, and other foreign objects from getting underneath the keys. Be gentle when working with the keyboard, it is connected to everything else inside the laptop. Some laptop owners know they have a heavy hand when dealing with a laptop’s keyboard. Those owners insist on using an external keyboard, which not only saves on repairs of the laptop, but also increases the longevity of not only the keyboard, but also the laptop.


These are just some of the steps that can be taken to ensure that investing in a quality laptop, is not a wasted opportunity. In so doing, the life expectancy of the laptop should be greatly increased.  If you have some serious damage to your device, you can get your laptop repaired here.