Energy consumption is a serious concern when using electrical appliances around the house. The ever-hiking electricity bills lead many to wonder if it would be better to switch to the primitive way of doing things and rely less on energy-consuming appliances.

If you have similar concerns about using vacuum cleaners in your house, the right kind of vacuum cleaner and proper usage can easily cater to this problem. When it comes to energy-efficient vacuum cleaners, water-based cleaners like the Rainbow Vacuums are far superior to their conventional counterparts.

This powerful cleaning tool not only helps in effectively cleaning your house and getting rid of allergens and pollutants but is also lighter on the pocket in the long run if you consider energy consumption and maintenance factors. Here are a few ways you can cut down your energy expenses and save money with a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner in the house.

Efficient filtration system

The filtration system of a vacuum cleaner has a significant impact on energy consumption. It is a known fact that water-based vacuums are more energy-efficient than conventional vacuums with bags or dust cups. A clogged filter or full bag reduces energy efficiency and increases power consumption.

However, with Rainbow Vacuums, you do not have to worry about either of these conditions, as there is no risk of clogging or the bag becoming full. Instead, all the sucked-in dust and dirt is trapped in the water pool and discarded by draining the water.

Multiple attachments

A simple way you can get the most out of your vacuum cleaner is to use the right attachments. When you use the right attachment for a particular surface, you can quickly and efficiently clean the surface and be done in no time.

You may be tempted to continue with the same nozzle with different surfaces. However, you must consider that the few seconds it will take you to change the attachment are nothing compared to the extra time it will take you to clean the same spot repeatedly without much success. In addition, the extra energy wasted in the meanwhile will cause a hike in the energy bills.

Fortunately, Rainbow Vacuum has numerous attachments that make it a versatile appliance suited to clean various surfaces effectively.

More efficient cleaning

The Rainbow Vacuum is equipped with a high-powered motor that effectively removes all the dirt from the environment. It cleans the surface in one go, and you do not have to go over the same area, again and again, reducing your cleaning time and reducing your energy consumption in the long run.

Moreover, its water-based filtration system prevents the dust particles from escaping back into the environment and will keep your surfaces clean for longer, and you may not need to use the vacuum that frequently.