Rapidly increasing your Instagram followers is a very difficult job. Especially if you have recently opened an account, do not have a large number of friends or fans yourself, and are not sure how to add new followers quickly.

Thankfully, there are several fast and easy tips that you can follow to increase your Instagram followers quickly and easily. None of them take much work to do yet, if you do all of them, you could find yourself with tens of thousands of new followers in just a few days.

Upload beautiful photos — Of course, an Instagram account with hundreds of beautiful photos will naturally attract new followers to it. This is why you should always be careful about the photographs you upload, and never upload less than beautiful photographs just for the sake of having a new photograph on your account.

Instead, take many shots of something you like, then carefully look through all of them and choose the nicest one. This will attract more people to your Instagram than will uploading hastily taken photos that are not very good.

Like other photos — You can often attract other people’s attention to your Instagram account by liking their photographs. This does not usually work on accounts that are very popular, as they will hardly even notice you are liking their work. On accounts with less followers, however, they are likely to check out your photos when you like theirs. Especially if you like a few photos at once.

Follow other accounts — Similarly, following other people’s accounts can also attract them to your Instagram account, and cause them to also follow you if they like the photographs they see.

Use hashtags — You can attract a huge number of people’s attention if you use a lot of hashtags on your own photos. Just make sure the hashtags you use are appropriate for the photographs you are uploading, and use as many as you can. That way, when people are looking for specific photos, your tags will cause your photos to come up in their search results.

Buy Instagram followers — If you want your Instagram followers to increase quickly, then buying them is the way to go. You can find many services online that sell them, and their prices are generally very low.

You can also start with 50, 100, 250 or 500 new followers, and test out a few online Instagram follower services that way, like ganhar curtidas no instagram. See how long it takes them to deliver new followers, and if the Instagram followers they do deliver seem to be real people. If they are, order a few more thousand followers, and make arrangements for them to be delivered to your Instagram account over a few days or a week.

That way nobody will notice that your rapidly increasing Instagram followers look suspicious.

You can then keep doing this once a month as your Instagram account grows. You will then notice, the more followers you get the more other people will follow you, as they like to follow popular accounts.