Microsoft Office 2016 was released almost simultaneously with Windows 10. It includes several major improvements and changes that made the whole suite more intuitive and easier to use. Microsoft aimed to improve collaboration and productivity with Office 2016, and we can notice it easily thanks to certain features that shine more than others.

These features range from improvements to old features to a smoother, easier-to-follow user interface. Here we describe five reasons why you should install Microsoft Office 2016.

1.  Find what you need with “Tell Me.”

Clippy has been removed from the Microsoft Office 2016 suite. However, it is still present in spirit, as “Tell Me” complies with a similar function.

“Tell Me” allows you to find anything you need quickly by typing it. You can access it via the light bulb you can find in the middle of the ribbon. If you’re not sure of where a certain option or feature is, you can use “Tell Me” to find it within a few seconds.

2.  Collaboration in real-time and comments

Microsoft finally heard the community after many years. The company has decided to implement collaboration in real-time. Now you can access the same document from multiple locations and devices.

The same principle applies to the comments available in Word and PowerPoint. You will be able to see what other people are saying without reloading the file, mimicking a forum.

3.  Several improvements in Outlook

Outlook has truly shined in the new Office 2016. The app has been equipped with a powerful AI that learns more about you every day. Thus, you will see how the app slowly starts mimicking your behavior and categorizes certain emails as you would.

4.  Sway is now present in the Office suite

Sway was one of the alternatives to PowerPoint. This tool allows the user to create interactive presentations as Prezi does but more intuitively. It is more appropriate for casual users. Due to that, Microsoft has decided to include Sway into the suite, as the company believes that you don’t need to be a master of PowerPoint to tell a story – Sway can be enough.

This new member of the Office family is available for computer and mobile devices. It looks like other Office apps, but with easy-to-find instructions and a better way of organizing the information.

5.  Unified UI: Minimalism and Color

Office 2013 included a minimalistic approach to each app present in the suite. However, this time, Microsoft has taken it to the next level and has included more color into the mix.

Now each app has its own color assigned, making them look similar but accustomed to the functions of each app. Although the default settings are quite good-looking, you can also opt for changing the theme and choose one that suits you better.

Furthermore, the “File” menu present in all apps is now easier to use. Microsoft has eliminated all the options that may make the usage of its apps more complicated for the average user. Now we can enjoy a minimalistic, colorful and intuitive UI in all of the applications included in the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.