If you have several social media accounts and are struggling to keep up with them, it may be time to automate your posts with a bot like Jarvee.

What is Jarvee? — This is a bot that manages your accounts for you.

It can handle every account you have on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and post for you on all of these accounts many times a day.

Managing your life — If you do not have a team that manages your social media, it can take you hours a day to post to every account.

Most of us simply do not have time to do this, as we have other more important things going on in our lives. With Jarvee, however, once you set it up it will allow you to manage your life and your social media at the same time.

You can schedule both posts and video posts, and even schedule stories. This means you can post them at specific times of day that could be good for getting exposure to your account, even if you are sleeping.

Likes, follows and shares — Jarvee is such a good program, it can do a lot more than just make posts for you.

Set it up with the right instructions and keywords, and Jarvee, through a Jarvee proxy,  can like other people’s posts, follow other people’s accounts, leave comments and even share their posts on your own social media accounts.

This can be a very quick way to grow your own social media accounts, without having to do all of the work yourself. It can also be a very fast way of getting you in the position of becoming an influencer yourself.

Setting up proxies — Jarvee also allows you to set up a huge number of proxies. That way none of the social media companies your accounts are on will be able to tell you are using a bot. That means they will not ban your account for doing so either.

This is particularly important if you are managing several accounts on one social media platform, as posting from a bot can cause the accounts to be closed.

Setting sleep times — You can also set sleep times with Jarvee. This means the bot does not do anything in any of your accounts during a set number of hours per day.

This makes it look as if a real human is managing the accounts and not the Jarvee bot, and again minimizes your chances of having your accounts closed.

Jarvee also offers a free seven-day trial, which allows you to see exactly what the bot could do for your social media accounts. The cost of a monthly membership is affordable as well.