If you are looking for a way to move away from traditional advertising, and towards something a little more unusual, custom printed stickers could be the way to go.

Not only can these be a very unusual way to promote your business, if you do it properly you could also get your company a lot of attention.

Creative and bold designs — Start by designing custom printed stickers that are creative and bold. This will draw a potential customer’s eye to the sticker and, thus, to your company and what you are trying to sell.

Use crazy fonts — While you do need to make sure the fonts you use on your custom printed stickers are still able to be read, crazy fonts can really grab your customers’ attention. Add crazy looking fonts onto a bold and colorful sticker, and these will be noticed everywhere you place them.

Decals for phones and computers — Having bright and colorful decals made in your company’s colors and with your company’s logo is a smart thing to do, if your employees use phones and computers paid for by the company. If so, you can stick the decals on both their phones and computers then, every time each of them is used, they are advertising your company for free.

Give away stickers — People use stickers for everything from brightening up boring folders and school books to decorating scrap books, and even decorating their cars. Get sheets of colorful, fun stickers printed that also include your company’s logo, and then hand them out as free gifts to customers, staff and friends.

These stickers will then begin appearing in thousands of places you may not have thought of, and all of it will be free advertising.

Business card stickers — If you need to get new business cards printed, why not have half of them printed as customized stickers? These types of business cards are less likely to be thrown away, and they make it very easy for those you have given them to keep them.

Address labels and package sealers — If you have both address labels and package sealers printed with your company logo and colors on them, these can immediately make a plain package or box look like custom printed packing materials.

Address labels and package sealers are also great ways to advertise your business, as they will be seen by thousands of people when sending packages from your home to the person that ordered your products.

These are just some of the things you can do to promote your business with custom printed stickers. Why not think of other more unusual, more interesting ways to use them as a promotion tool? After all, they are inexpensive to have printed, yet can look cool in so many ways.