If you are considering buying hooded blankets for gifts for friends and other loved ones, there are several reasons why these type of blankets often make a lovely gift.


Especially when you consider how many benefits a hooded blanket for adults has over a regular one, and how inexpensive they are as well.


Hooded blankets come in hundreds of designs — If you are looking for an unusual gift for a friend or family member, or a gift that is exactly what a friend would like, you will find hundreds of different hooded blanket designs available.

There are hooded blankets that are plain colored, blankets that are designed to look like cartoon or anime characters, and even those with classic paintings printed on them. No matter what things your friends is interested in, you will find a hooded blanket that suits their taste.


Hooded blankets are exceptionally warm — While a regular blanket is warm, hooded blankets take that warmth to the next level.

This is because a hooded blanket keeps the warmth both around your body and around your head, due to the hood preventing heat from dissipating into the air. In fact, once you begin using a hooded blanket, you are highly unlikely to ever go back to a regular blanket. You will be too used to the warmth.


Perfect for camping and mountain climbing — Hooded blankets are perfect for camping and mountain climbing. They are moisture resistant, so will keep you warm and dry in your tent no matter what the weather is like outside.


They are also more lightweight than taking a regular blanket as, due to a hooded blanket being able to serve as a blanket, a sweatshirt and a hat, you only need to take the blanket and leave the other things behind.


You can wear a hooded blanket — Many of these blankets not only come with a hood, they also come with sleeves. This makes them warmer than a regular blanket, but it also makes them easier to wear as you go about your daily tasks at home.


After all, as they have sleeves they do not fall off when you move around. They also do not get in the way as much if you are cooking or cleaning, yet they still keep you exceptionally warm.


Perfect for a nap — As hooded blankets tend to be much warmer than a typical blanket you may keep on the sofa for when you take a nap, you will often find you sleep better as well.


Good sleep is related to both the temperature of your body as you sleep and the weight of the blanket you use. Expect a hooded blanket to serve you better.